Matthew Graves
Search Marketing | Design

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Rhode Island College, Providence, RI

Two Bachelor Degrees
Graduated May 18, 2000, Magna Cum Laude, GPA 3.656

- B.A. Graphic Design, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
- B.S. Graphic Communications, Industrial Technology


  1. SEO - Search Engine Optimization - Enterprise and Local, On-Page and Off-Page Backing, Companywide Education Courses
  2. Design Degree - With professional and commercial based portfolio pieces - branding, logo/symbol design, mailers, marketing packets, folders, magazine ads, etc.
  3. HTML code knowledge
  4. CSS code knowledge
  5. Dreamweaver knowledge
  6. Photoshop knowledge
  7. Illustrator Knowledge
  8. Google Adwords knowledge - Expert
    • Creating Accounts, Ad creation, Keyword Development, A/B Testing for higher Conversions
    • My Adwords skills are conversion driven and were honed to drive ROI and conversions
  9. Google Analytics knowledge - Expert
    • Basic review of is site running, what is bounce rate
    • Setting up goals and creating custom reports
    • More custom reporting and segmenting users to really get into the granular level of the user
  10. Google Webmaster Tools
  11. Google Tag Manager
  12. Google Web Experiments
  13. Hubspot
  14. HotJar
  15. Email Marketing knowledge -
    • Designing multiple Email Client friendly newsletters
    • Collecting Actionable Data - Open Rates, Analytically reviewing the Statistics
  16. Affiliate Marketing -
    • Setup of networks, creatives, banners, etc
  17. 4C Printing knowledge
  18. Adobe Acrobat Pro - PDF creation for online distribution
  19. Knack for figuring out non-programing software ie 32bit Blaster, Email-Brain, List Grabber, Verizon phone systems, etc.
  20. FTP software knowledge
  21. Scan for High Res Outputs
  22. Windows and Mac friendly


Global SEO Manager | Schneider Electric (Global) | November 2022 - Present

  • Build, maintain, implement, consult, and govern all the facets of the Schneider Electric SEO Strategy for our country websites, business units, and lines of business.

SEO / Web Specialist | Schneider Electric (Global) | November 2017 - Nov 2022

  • Develop, communicate, and act as an advocate for our Secure Power SEO strategy across two company websites and

Digital Marketing Specialist | Big Fish Results | May 2017 - November  2017

  • Agency setting which focused heavily on client SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) leveraging data to inform new strategies and executions

Digital Marketing Specialist | Hanna Instruments | May 2016 - March 2017

  • Recommended and implemented changes to website architecture, content, linking, collected backlink profile to correct broken links to improve SEO Domain Authority (DA) and other factors to improve SEO positions. I worked directly with the Senior Web Developer to implement changes.
  • Executed tests, collected and analyzed data, identify trends and insights in order to achieve maximum ROI in paid search campaigns.
  • My optimized Google Adwords campaigns lowered cost-per-clicks, raised CTR and grew revenue. One Search campaign optimization produced a 71% increase in revenue over three and a half months.
  • Tracked, analyzed, and reported on site traffic, landing pages, keyword ranking, transactions and revenue across all channels, Organic, Paid, and Social, using Google Analytics with Custom Reports, Advanced Segments, and Google Search Console.
  • Perform ongoing keyword discovery, expansion and optimization. Research and analyze competitor advertising paid advertisements, sites, and links.
  • Regularly met with Content Development Team to optimize new website content. Developed and presented SEO training and related reference materials to enhance team’s understanding of SEO strategies.
  • Worked with the Web Development Team to ensure SEO best practices are properly implemented and maintained on newly developed code.
  • Redesigned Hubspot template for the Hanna Instrument Blog, using HTML, CSS, and Hubspot HubL code.

Digital Marketing Consultant

2014 - Present

Client - Independence Financial Partners – Main Rhode Island John Hancock Partner

  • Ongoing Management of Independence Financial Partners' Digital Marketing, project management of site redesign for Joomla CMS to meet compliance specifications, optimizing the site for financial lead generation and managed multiple advertising marketing campaigns in Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Email marketing and reporting engagement for B2B and B2C, designing a HTML template to work across devices, and A/B testing of subject lines and email content to generate highest engagement.

Client - ABCLeads

  • Maintaining SEO and updates for the suite of ABCLeads websites and increasing their Adsense Marketing by improved structure, reporting, and visual design through testing.
  • Email Marketing of new product availability to client database and reporting engagement.

Digital Marketing Manager (SEM/PPC) & Senior Web/Graphic Designer

ABCLeads | 2011 – 2014
Digital Marketing Manager

  • Oversaw ABCLeads Digital Marketing campaigns across Bing and Google, with a monthly budget of $20K. Successful in optimizing for targeted ROI and conversions. Lead a team including of a PPC Production Assistant and a Web Developer in creating new product sites and Conversion Rate Optimization of PPC landing pages.

Senior Web/Graphic Designer 

  • Worked on new web design projects while overseeing art direction of Production Assistant’s projects.
  • Managed company branding across all marketing materials: emails, marketing packets, folders, magazine ads.
  • Review Google Analytics Data and created custom reports for Goals & Goal conversion rates.

Digital Marketing (SEM/PPC) Analyst & Senior Web/Graphic Designer

Company: ABCLeads | 2008 – 2011

  • A key team player to roll out new campaigns, developed keyword lists, and optimized landing pages.
  • Email Marketinging, website design and production, print collateral, PowerPoint presentations, spec sheets, and magazine ads for B2B and B2C.
  • Translated Excel spreadsheets to an online database that houses all of accounts from Yahoo, Bing Ads and Google and syncs to our in-house system to show ROI on conversions.

Senior Web & Graphic Designer

ABCLeads | 2003 - 2008

  • Designed websites, including logos, branding, and coding pages.
  • Installing and managing Google Adwords on websites.
  • Email Marketing and designed Affiliate Marketing Creatives.

Production Assistant & Technical Support

Company: Malcolm Grear Designers | 2001 - 2003

  • Production work of typesetting, scanning, mock-up and contributed to logo/branding brainstorming
  • Maintain the Graphic Design Studios Macintosh Network

Freelance Web Designer

Network Six, Warwick RI | 9/2000 - 10/2000

  • I was contracted by Network Six to work on one of their clients projects and deliver three template headers for a new website. The stipulation for the headers was they needed to be eye catching and also function at multiple browser resolutions.

Freelance Web Designer

Network SixWarwick, RI | 8/2000 - 9/2000

  • I designed and coded a fully functioning website, which would then have the ability to have e-commerce integrated into it. So the goal of this project was not only to develop a web site that was easily navigatable for the end user, was eye catching, but also was scalable.
  • This project was done over a six week period under the supervision of the project manager April Cox.

WebTeam Supervisor

Rhode Island College, Providence, RI | 9/1998 - 8/2000

I worked for two years as the Rhode Island College (RIC) Web Team Supervisor which entails the duties of supervision and creation web site for RIC. I functioned as the webteam foreman for the RIC WebMaster. The WebMaster, my immediate supervisor, and I met with the college's many administrative and academic departments in order to help them form a web presence. From there the projects moved to the RIC webteam which I helped supervise. The departmental sites were then designed by myself or one of the other webteam workers. If I was not designing the site personally I helped create and point the project in the proper direction with the college's current image. In short my duties were to meet with departments (clients) and help them flesh out their ideas, then assign the project, oversee the web site creation and also maintain current websites.

Web Designer

Network and User Services - Rhode Island College, Providence, RI | 5/1998 - 9/1998

Web Designer: I was assigned the tasks of designing visual imagery to represent college department sites and also work with various college staff in developing their college homepages. I also performed workshops to teach departments how to update their websites by teaching them Microsoft FrontPage. These workshops were based on a small tutorial package that I created to go over the easier steps of creating new pages from templates, adding new content to the departments websites, basic web typography, and linking web pages together.

Help Desk Specialist

Network and User Services- Rhode Island College, Providence, RI | 10/1995 - 5/1998

I was responsible for providing help to the college student body who used the campus labs. This entailed the knowledge of Microsoft Office, and the ability to troubleshoot various problems that students were having with their computers. The position of Help Desk personnel also the responsibility of answering incoming phone calls of college faculty and help solve their technical problems.
Responsible for helping students with computer problems and answering questions over the phone.


Providence Graphic Arts Association Scholarship: Jan 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000

First Place Gutenburg Award, PrePress A - Electronic Publishing 1998

Providence Graphic Arts Association Outstanding Student of the Year 1998, 2000

Deans List:
Fall 1995,1996, 1997, 1999
Spring: 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000